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Our Mission

Mission Hello folks! Scott and Holly Clark here with our latest and greatest adventure to raise enough money through the sale of our toys, and campaigns like Patreon, Go Fund Me and KICKSTARTER to purchase a large sailing catamaran for charters and YouTube adventures. The more money we raise, the less things have to be financed, the bigger the boat can be and the more people we can bring on board at once. Our goal would be a Lagoon 56, Leopard 58 or 60 or larger to accommodate 8 to 10 people other than ourselves. Our ultimate goal is to pull the diesel engines and turn the boat into a hybrid by putting 2 Electric drive systems… but that’s a different story for a future date. History Back in the early 90s, before I met Holly, I purchased 31-foot sailboat and I spent a year in Florida, Keys and in the northern Caribbean learning a new way of life and brushing up on my sailing skills. I quickly came to find there’s a whole other society at sea where people are still genuine, caring, and accepting of people of different backgrounds. I have visited places that you see only in post cards, set foot on beaches that have not seen humans in decades, and seen history firsthand that you usually only read about in books. After coming back from sailing, I pulled into Fort Lauderdale and was in desperate need of a job, as eating is a habit of mine. So I thought no better place to get a job than a marine store, so I did, and that store was Sailorman. This is where I met my wife, my best friend and the love of my life, Holly. We’ve spent the last 22 years together, raising our two wonderful children and sharing numerous adventures with them. They too, have had a taste of the sailing side during a couple weeks during the summers, over the course of a couple years on my father-in-law’s 46 foot Beneteau. With our oldest son, Quinn, headed off to college and our youngest, Aiden, with only three years left of high school, we ask ourselves, now what? We both decided sitting around staring at one another in an empty house was not an option as we are going kind of people. We decided after watching YouTube channels like Sailing La Vagabond, S/V Delos, Chasing The Story, Gone with The Wynns and Monday Never (to name a few) we knew what we wanted to do. Plan In a nutshell the big idea is to sell all the toys we’ve amassed over the last 20 years, sell and retire from our electrical engineering company, buy the largest catamaran our budget will afford us, fill it with cameras and become the newest creators for YouTube. Taking tubers on a virtual and actual adventure with us through the keys, the Caribbean, and further. The more money we raise, the more You Tubers we get on board for collaborators and sponsors, the less we have to rely on charters to cover expenses. We will bring current creators on board to collaborate with, as well as Patrons, Kickstarter supporters, and gofundme sponsors. We believe the yacht will be a big hit and people will be lining up to go charter with us so they can get their feet wet to try out the live aboard boating lifestyle as well as get their 15 minutes of fame. What will make us stand apart from other charter services will obviously be our YouTube presence and the fact that the boat will not be limited to one area as most charter services are. We will constantly be on the move, picking up passengers in one place and dropping them off in another, if the route allows. This will keep the story fresh as well as introduce new characters, places, and adventures (or misadventures) every week. As we know, everyone likes a good train wreck, and as an engineer and an adventurer, I see my fair share. The nickname Clark Griswold did not come by accident…it came by accidents. So that’s our story and were sticking to it. The difference will be whether we do it on an older, smaller cat where we will only be able to bring on a couple of charter customers. Or whether we have your support and can bring on Patreon customers as crew, KICKSTARTER sponsors as passengers and gofundme contributors in a lottery all for free. With your support we will also be able to afford to bring on certain charities, like one of my favorites, Make-A-Wish Foundation, and one that is close to Holly’s heart, the American Cancer Society. But God only knows what other doors it may open as we continue on the adventure. We hope we can count on you to help support us in our latest and greatest adventure: SAILING THE SPACE BETWEEN. Be sure to join us on the adventure on YouTube or even in person. Thanks again and hope to see you soon at sea!

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