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Boat Charter Rules That You Must Be Aware of!

Is it your first time chartering a yacht or you are a yacht aficionado? Or are you a guest on someone else’s yacht?

Going for Bahamas catamaran charters is a completely different experience, and will take you to a different social environment. This environment thus has its own set of rules and regulations. We all appreciate good yacht etiquette. They are thus to provide better experiences to the riders.

This guide also includes some of the DO’s and DON’Ts that you must follow on your end whenever you step up on a yacht. Do give this a quick read to make your journey more comfortable and safer.

Captain and Crew Guide

• Responsibilities and Roles:

There are two main reasons behind the availability of captain and crew onboard: to make your ride safer and to ensure the smooth running of the yacht charter.

Most charter catamarans have a crew hired by the owner, but on The Space Between, the crew are the owners, and have detailed information about the catamaran incomparable to a hired crew. They also do have a better knowledge about the boat charter Fort Lauderdale local waterways and limits. Apart from all this, passenger’s safety is their topmost priority.

They will also ensure that you are having the best pleasurable experiences and will make you feel at home. But for this, passengers also need to follow their rules and advice to ensure their safety.

• Itinerary:

Before stepping on the charter or planning your trip with them, you need to decide on an itinerary that will be followed on board. This is done with the help of the captain and broker. They will provide you with different options you might be looking for, be it a family celebration or a fun beach celebration.

• Safety Briefings:

As soon as you step on the yacht, the captain will first introduce you to his crew member(s), and next will deliver the safety instructions. These instructions include yacht layout, lifejackets, life rafts, and all the other essential information that you need to be aware of.

This process will ensure everyone is safe over their journey.

• Housekeeping:

Another duty of crew members is to ensure that the yacht is always in impeccable shape. This includes cleaning, meals preparations, maintenance, and other related tasks.

Yacht Charter Rules

Every yacht is unique in terms of its crew, layout, water toys, and also regarding its specific rules. Besides all these differences, there is still a common guide for rules and regulations that are consistent for both the purposes of ownership as well as rentals.

• The Barefoot Rule:

The common rule that you need to follow on all the yachts is the barefoot rule. You will always find a shoe basket by the entry or gangway. Before you step onboard, the crew members will ask you to take off your shoes. Place them in the basket, further placed at safe locations.

This is because a yacht is delicate and a hard shoe sole might damage the deck, leaving marks on them

• Smoking Policies:

Most of the yachts do not allow smoking inside cabins, as this is a general rule for all. Some do have a designated smoking area on the outside deck, however The Space Between in a non-smoking vessel. Smoking can be enjoyed on land excursions.

And, according to the rules of rental services for Bahamas catamaran charters, it is always preferable to inform the captain about onboard smokers before the trip. This will allow the captain to deliver a brief on designated smoking rules and areas.

• Hard-shell Luggage and Red Wine on Yacht:

The yacht rules thus discourage carrying hard shell luggage over trips that need more space. This is because yacht staterooms are for your comfort, and not for storage, be it the case of rental boat charter Fort Lauderdale services or ownership terms. Rather, carry an easily foldable bag that can easily be stored in any corner.

Also, Red wine is prohibited on boat charter, and the reason behind this is tough stains, which are not easy to get rid of.

We hope that these reminders were helpful for you. Once you are abroad on your yacht, the crew members will take care of all your necessities and problems. They will make sure to provide you with unforgettable experiences.


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