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Family Vacations are Incomplete without a Catamaran in the Bahamas

A stress-free, crewed charter catamaran, that is. The Bahamas catamaran charters are a perennial favorite among families, as well as individuals and groups. They enjoy relaxing on the deck of a boat charter in the Bahamas and cruising in the crystal clear water. Suppose you're traveling with your family to the Bahamas for some quality time and enjoyment. In that case, Catamarans are the way to go. The Space Between can comfortably house a family of 6, provided double occupancy in each of its spacious 3 cabins. We do ask that the youngest member of the family be 16 or older


Reasons to choose a catamaran for a vacation.

1. Comfort

The most significant benefit of choosing a Bahamas catamaran charters over a traditional mono-hull sailing boat is the increased comfort and seclusion. A trampoline is a must-have for every catamaran. The large fore-deck net is a popular spot for sunbathing, conversing with friends, and watching the sunset. The sensation of flying above the ocean while hearing nothing but the breeze and the water flow only one meter below is incredible.

2. Spaciousness

Catamarans have a magnificent look and overall design. With a salon, accommodation, cockpit, and galley onboard, catamarans are more spacious. Even the most unruly of adults can be readily entertained with a variety of activities in the available space. On a catamaran with your family, you can eat, rest, sleep, and spend your days peacefully. You may sunbathe on the trampoline and spend quality time with your family while lounging in the moonlight.

3. A sail without disturbances

The catamaran charters in The Bahamas are well-known for their smooth and stable sailing. Catamarans are the most comfortable for families. The wave impacts are dampened in rough seas compared to other boats. Catamarans do not heel as like as different types of crafts. There's no need to secure your belongings. Even when the waters are choppy, everything keeps stays put.

4. Multiple benefits:

Catamarans have numerous advantages. They're faster, more stable, and roomier, with shorter drafts that allow safer anchoring closer to the beach. Guest and Crew tiredness and seasickness are reduced by being on a firm platform with no heeling, making the crew more attentive and in charge of the vessel.

Are catamarans safe in bad weather conditions?

Even in reasonably rough seas, most objects stay put. Because catamarans positive flotation built in, they will float even if they are hulled. Production cats are manufactured with so much buoyancy that sinking them is nearly impossible. Larger catamarans are very safe offshore by nature. The thick fiberglass reinforced construction is built to withstand rough weather. With a knowledgeable captain and crew on board, like on The Space Between, your safety will be the top priority.

The majority of the catamarans we hear about flipping are racing cats with extremely narrow hulls built for maximum speed. Where fast catamarans offer a speed advantage over equal-length mono-hulls, The Space Between enjoys a leisurely safe pace.

Why are catamarans a little too overpriced?

Catamarans are pricey because they are high-quality, easy to sail, incredibly safe, and need a lot of material to construct. Factors such as high demand and lo

cation contribute to the price increase. Catamarans, or cats as they are affectionately known, are ideal for sailing and cruising. Sailing a catamaran is relatively simple. These vessels have excellent designs that make them easy to maneuver, and everything is well-organized. For example, the helm station's location allows for clear sight lines while sailing, and because all lines return to this point, it's considerably more manageable for one person to sail the boats alone.

Because catamaran layouts separate the accommodation space from the main living area, they provide more privacy, which is essential when you have family onboard. The other advantage of multi-hulls is that they feature two separate blocks of living accommodations, making them quite practical for when you have visitors sailing with you.


There are some great service options if one is planning to hire a crewed catamaran charter in The Bahamas. You may think it is a little on the expensive side, but The Space Between’s Bahamas catamaran charters provides an excellent comfort level to the whole family trip. Also, safety is the biggest concern one can have when traveling

in these places, so these charters provide the best rides with safety as well.


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